Boxes, Get Your ITV Digital Boxes!

Posted on 5 January 2003 in Television, Television (No comments)

After all my harsh words about ITV Digital and set top boxes, well I'm still sat here actually waiting to hear from them.

Because I've not actually heard anything from ITV Digital about them trying to get their set top box back, I decided I'd do a quick check of the former ITV Digital subscribers on MHP-Chat (one of my regular mailing list haunts) and see if anyone else had heard anything.

I know there are a fair few ex-subscribers (at least 10) but got just one reply from someone saying they'd got a letter, and they'd had it for two weeks, but not done anything about it yet (can't blame them - I wouldn't be in a hurry myself.)

Even more interesting was a (abliet second hand) tale on one of the BBC message boards which told of someone who had phoned and made a date, but the repo men hadn't turned up, which makes you wonder if it is all a scam to try and get some cheques in the post after all.

In the mean time I'm still watching the mailbox intently - although this is mainly as I'm waiting for a digital camera to be delivered!

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