Where have all the boxes gone?

Posted on 19 January 2003 in Television (No comments)

It's been over a month since we heard the news that people would be asked to return their ITV Digital boxes.

After the announcement, everything quietened down, Christmas arrived and went and it's new year. And very little seems to have happened.

Indeed my article in January's Electromusications (The Empire Strikes Back - partly based on the The Great Set-top Box Swindle) seemed to appear far too late. It was old news, been and gone.

Has it been and gone? This is the question. And I can't help but wonder. Very few letters seem to have been sent out - certainly nothing has arrived here and on the mailing lists I'm on, it's all gone quiet. No one seems to know what's going on. Even Grant Thornton's website has removed all information on the return of the set top boxes.

What does this really mean? Does it mean that Grant Thornton are just incapable of sending out letters quickly, or just haven't got round to organising some collections? Or does it mean they've quietly given up having had a poor response rate, and decided it's not actually worth it?

The trouble is, we probably won't be able to tell for a few more weeks, more likely months. There will be, no doubt, no announcement that it was all abandoned (if it was). The matter will just slip into obscurity just like ITV Digital has.

Mind you, at some point someone is going to have to reveal how much money was raised for creditors by the liquidation of ITV Digital. To the best of my knowledge, no money has yet to be dished out (not that I'm expecting any myself.) I can't help but think that all this will suddenly rear its ugly head again when we least expect it.

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