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Posted on 10 February 2003 in Television (No comments)

Two completely unrelated news stories for you.

Number One.

Firstly, a few weeks back, the Radio Times published details of the five most hated things on TV according to it's viewers.

The results were:

  1. Programme trails.
  2. Announcements made over end-credits.
  3. Overuse of music.
  4. DOGs (that's those onscreen logos that appear during programmes).
  5. The BBC One Dancers.

Number Two.

In a totally unrelated story, BBC Three launched last night with a DOG that stretched to the middle of the screen, saying "BBC THREE Launch Night".

I'm guessing BBC Three's launch night didn't have people tap dancing before programmes.


I say guessing as I didn't actually watch the launch of BBC Three, choosing instead to watch all six episodes of the first series of Phoenix Nights which in turn begs the question... Is one of the presenters on Armchair Super Store a one Paul Crone, reporter for Granada?

I'll get me coat.

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