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Posted on 16 February 2003 in TV Programmes (No comments)

I would like to take this oppertunity to say what a great TV programme Spaced is.

I can say this after a marathon watching run of the series 1 DVD which occured last night. It's not the first time such an event has occurred, but it was still a wonderful experience.

The whole programme is just so well put together. Superb script writing, casting, directing and a wonderful soundtrack put together made one of the finest sitcoms I think I have ever seen.

Spaced is rather hard to explain - it's a sitcom about two twenty-somethings who live in London, but that's about all I can say. To see Spaced is to know it, to love it. To know it was written by two people who the tag genius would be appropiate (stand up now Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg who also star as the main characters), directed by a mastermind (hello Edgar Wright) and the whole rest of the superb cast.

It is to be frank, wonderful, and it's wonderful because I don't even know why it's so fantastic. Watch it, buy it, enjoy it. It's great.

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