Garlic and Shots, Soho, London

Posted on 28 March 2003 in Pubs (No comments)

A work leaving do saw several of us in Soho's Swedish heavy metal/biker cafe, Garlic and Shots.

A rather surreal place, where everything seems to have garlic in it. You can even have garlic beer or garlic infused vodka.

I didn't have either of those, but their nachos came with garlic, including a garlic salsa and a garlic mustard for dipping. Yummy! And their garlic bread is not only huge thick pieces of bloomer bread coated, but it's caked in the stuff.

Thankfully it wasn't a loud heavy metal bar, although there were several songs by Elvis impersonator The King playing when we arrived.

Not sure I'd ever go back there again, but it was certainly a garlic-infused experience. Indeed it's one of the benefits of London is the bizarre mixture of bars and pubs.

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