The Battle Of Who Could Webmail Less

Posted on 8 April 2003 in Internet (No comments)

I can't deny it. I put it off. The email came on 29 March, and I just couldn't bring myself to reply. It put me in a bad mood.

In order for us to investigate this matter further please supply any additional information, including Windows version, the browser you normally use and which ISP you normally use to connect to the fsmail service.

Has it ever worked? If so, what changed? Any steps you have taken to attempt to resolve the problem.

The response was from Freeserve. Another correspondence in the battle of me vs automated responses that have resulted in rant after rant.

Especially disheartening about this latest step in the process was that in my very first email, (in a bit I didn't publish here) I asked them to read the full email, because it would provide all the information they needed. Indeed I went to great pains to say in point 24.2:

It happens in IE, Netscape and Opera. It happens on Linux, on OS-X, on Windows 2000 and on Windows XP. It happens at home. It happens at work.

I'd even given full details of my attempts to use it, complete with steps taken to attempt to resolve the problem.

Okay I hadn't said what ISP I try to use it on (the LAN at work but I've also tried it through Freeserve and via an internet terminal whilst on a training course), but even so, it's completely that I'm on yet another email, telling them something I've said before...

Somehow I doubt I'll be staying with Freeserve for long.

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