Will You Stop Messing With That!

Posted on 3 May 2003 in Planet Bods (No comments)

Affraid I've been changing the RSS feeds again.

I'm sure anyone out there who knows and uses RSS is going tut at me, but I'm like a kid with a new toy. Besides the feeds still weren't quite right.

For starters, they were being spewed out with the server claiming they were HTML files! Blatently wrong as they are XML. This is now fixed.

I've also reduced the number of entries down to 8 from 15. If I updated this place several times a day, 15 would be fine. But I don't. In fact 8 could give you up to two weeks worth of posts sometimes, so even that is probably overkill.

The full content of each entry also appeared briefly when I redid the feeds - this was causing a few behind the scenes issues so has been removed.

For most people, this is probably irrelevant, but for the one person using an RSS aggregator, it's probably hitting the level of slightly thrilling!

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