New Job Alert!

Posted on 18 July 2003 in Work (No comments)

After three and a half years of working with HTML, JavaScript and a whole host of CGI systems with various (sometimes insane) templating systems, time has come for a change, and I was today offered a new job.

In the not too distant future, my role as a Client Side Developer will be over as I take on new challenges still in the Beeb, as an Assistant Development Producer - working on other sides to the development process rather than the very techie sides that I've done so far.

Naturally I'm just ever so slightly excited about this - well actually I was skipping round the office at one point! - as it's going to lead to a whole host of new challenges, even if it does mean that I'll spend more time with Microsoft Word open.

Still, I'm looking forward to it, although I must confess, I will miss my old job. Maybe I'll just have to unleash my desires to write code on my own websites instead.

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