Delightful Pictures from Russia.

Posted on 19 July 2003 in Travel and Holidays (No comments)

We had the holiday photos developed the other week - I'm still firmly in the world of analogue when it comes to holiday snaps - and there were some delightful photos in there.

Two of my faves are shown below:

A picture of a coach and a hedge

A coach (left) and a hedge (right).

Yep, pride of place at the beginning of one film was a picture of a coach, and on a second, a hedge.

It took me some time to work out quite how these two odd shots came about. To load the film in my camera, you slot it into the film bit, feed a bit through, then press the button that takes photos, until the counter goes to 1.

Obviously both these shots were from when I putting the film in and trying to prepare it for use, but they'd got put on the film and been developed.

This is obviously where analogue comes into it's own - with digital I'd have simply erased the pics and got on with my life, but now I have a lovely picture of a coach and a hedge to prize and treasure until my dying days. Although saying that, the hedge makes a great background image for your computer...

If you want a much more exciting picture, below is one of my favourites.

Catherine and Andrew stood next to a statue of Lenin.

Lenin in 'dramatic statue pose' in Moscow.

As you can see, Lenin was very pleased to see us!

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