Political Correctness my arse

Posted on 4 August 2003 in Television (No comments)

Funny how when anyone ever mutters the words "political correctness" in association with the curent BBC One idents, they always point to the one where there's a black man in a wheelchair, doing some wheelchair dancing.

Funny how they never mention the two white men who also feature in that ident?

Obviously a black man in wheelchairs doing a dance is similarly unrealistic to some people. Of course the two white men dancing with him are perfectly realistic as after all, all people in wheelchairs are white. Right?

Funnily enough, I'm told that one TV programme once rejected the idea of having a disabled black lesbian (or something similiar) character in the show. But the idea was ditched because it wasn't "realisitic". Can't have too someone in too many miniorities now can we?

And that gay asian cockney catholic I know... Well he mustn't exist. Far too into the realms of fantasy that one...

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