Fame, Grease and a deposit

Posted on 8 August 2003 in Life (No comments)

So here I am. I live in a flat. Next door lives quite a famous blogger. Yes. He of MovableBlag.com. Yes. He of the big time famous dude. I say lives as that's not quite true. In fact it's false as he moved out the other week.

Anyway the landlord comes by and asks if I want a tour of the very flat the old famous writer of the blog lived in. Well I'm star struck - it's like going into Sean Connery's old house or somet.

So we enter the place - door is near my own. And man the place is huge. Great big dockoff rooms, nice big windows. But the place is such a mess. He's left rubbish everywhere. Grime encrusted windows. Greasey scum round the kitchen. What a lovely flat, treated so badly. He'll loose money from his deposit for this.

We keep on wandering until I realise there's a huge bath in the huge kitchen. I wonder why. I wonder why I don't even know the bloke from MovableBlag.com's name.

Then I wake up. It's 2am, it's roasting hot and there's a car alarm blaring out down the street... And even worse... There's no such site as movableblag.com.

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