Cancelling Freeserve

Posted on 9 September 2003 in Internet (No comments)

That I have stayed with Freeserve this long is quite frankly amazing. Their webmail has annoyed, their dialup service is diabolical - tonight it took seven attempts. I even once asked them to stop sending me emails that were completely unviewable (broken HTML) but they didn't.

Fed up and annoyed, I decided to cancel only to be told I'd have to phone back on the seventh of October, cos that's when my account is paid up to.

Asking if I couldn't just put it on record, I was politely told "no".

"Well that's a bit stupid isn't it?"

"Yes it is."


Of course 7 October conveniently falls after the 22nd of September, which is the day the direct debit removes the cash from my bank account.

All of a sudden I could see myself ringing up in a months time to be told I'd have to ring back because I'd paid up for another month. I had this image of going round and round and round and round and round in this eternal piggin' circle of dropped connections and crappy webmail.

Well screw that.

Halifax Online banking allows you to cancel a direct debit on your account. So I did.

Freeserve will get a firm letter saying "sod you" in the post, informing them in writing that from the 7 October, by account will be terminated. No hanging on the end of a national rate phone line. No more payments. No more crappy service.

Until then I can dream of the day a company actually makes it easy to cancel your contract with them. Probably more of a pipe dream though...

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