Evoke II

Posted on 18 September 2003 in Radio (No comments)

I've just realised that I wittered on and on about my new digital TV box which I got less than a week ago, but I've had my DAB radio for over a month and haven't said anything! Well TV always ends up with more attention than radio...

The Evoke II sat in my kitchen.

Sat in my kitchen - the wonderful Evoke II. Shame about the glare from the camera flash...

Okay the reason for this is that I've had a review of my Pure Digital Evoke 2 lined up for Radiomusications for ages so didn't want to write too much here as it would be a bit pre-empting.

All I will say is that it's a delightful radio - a truely wonderful device that I'd recommend all buy! Dead easy to use and looks fantastic too. And as for the sound... Wonderful!

Full review on RMC in the next couple of weeks, but in quick summary - buy - it's great!

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