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Posted on 9 October 2003 in Internet, Planet Bods, Web Development (No comments)

Right. Me crap. You know that theme switcher? The one on the right of the page? The one you've probably not even noticed yet alone tried? The one that I launched five days ago? The one that didn't actually work in Internet Explorer? At all?

You see it did originally work in Internet Explorer - it worked perfectly. Well until I decided to re-write the code dramatically due to a desire not to have a single onclick in my code anywhere. So I implemented some event bubbling. And that's where it all went wrong.

The revised JavaScript worked fine in Opera, I gave it the once over in Mozilla and even tested it in Konqueror! I just didn't give it a whirl in the biggest (and least standards compliant) browser on the market - Internet Explorer.

Why I didn't test it, I don't know. I normally do. I build my stuff on my Linux box, test on there, then give it the once over on the laptop which runs Windows.

So I spent all morning trying to fix it, and ended up implementing a ridiculous bodge because Internet Explorer doesn't handle event bubbling like every other browser does. What a way to begin my day off...

Even worse, whilst doing all this, I found out something even better - Mozilla was needlessly reloading the page rather than stopping after processing the JavaScript... ARGH!

So here I am, three hours later. It's all fixed. It all works. I think. Yes.

The trauma of trying to get it working is not good for my sanity, and sorting that out was one of the reasons I took a day off work in the first place...

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