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Posted on 11 November 2003 in Life (No comments)

Weeks off work are supposed to be relaxing. Which is why we're trogging round South London looking for potential places to buy a house.

From the extensive research, I can tell you this: it's mad out there.

The government may well be trying to build thousands of new homes in the South East, but they're not putting them anywhere useful (they're all far to far out), nor upgrading the transport infrastructure so that they will be in the future - Crossrail, a vital link for cross London travel has been delayed so much and is still ten years away.

London is stuck. It's got too few homes, a transport infrastructure which means you have to go to the centre to go out again, and far too many people needing to be here - having the administrative and financial centres in one location means the place is heaving, and nothing is going to change because no one (especially the government) seems to be willing to change anything.

Which just leaves people like me wandering around London pondering the question of just how people manage to buy anything at all.

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