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Posted on 1 February 2004 in BBC, Work (No comments)

It was perhaps the biggest example of the BBC staff 'making it happen'. A full page advert in the Daily Telegraph yesterday paying tribute to the work done by Greg Dyke, and asserting their belief that the BBC should continue to be independent, and continue to be an independent organisation that best serves the public who pay for it.

By all accounts, in the space of a few hours at least 6000 people signed the petition and contributed to the cost of the advert and more undoubtably would have done had they unfortunatly not missed the very tight deadline which meant that many people on afternoon and evening shifts missed out.

Such was the support in the staff that many people didn't make it onto the list of names printed beneath this statement.

The independence of the BBC.

The following statement is from BBC employees, presenters, reporters and contributors. It was paid for by them personally, not the BBC itself.

Greg Dyke stood for brave, independent and rigorous BBC journalism that was fearless in its search for the truth. We are resolute that the BBC should not step back from its determination to investigate the facts in pursuit of the truth.

Through his passion and integrity Greg inspired us to make programmes of the highest quality and creativity.

We are dismayed by Greg's departure, but we are determined to maintain his achievements and his vision for an independent organisation that serves the public above all else.

I'm pleased to say that I was one of those who managed to get my name printed, along with a large number of my colleagues in BBC New Media in both online and interactive TV.

I signed for many reasons - to show my support for Greg Dyke, and because I certainly don't want the BBC to start crawling (or even worse, being forced) into its shell because mistakes made on one programme.

I suspect Greg himself will have been pleased to see that advert - not least because it shows the power he gave and encouraged us to use. There was a phrase that was used at one point during the 'Making It Happen' innitative. It was used whilst trying to create the 'BBC Values' if I remember correctly. It went something like this:

"When we work together, we can make great things happen."

It may seem a big cliche, but looking at that advert - the effort and money that people get it in to the paper yesterday - it feels like we did.

UPDATE: the final total was around 9,000 staff members - almost a quarter of the workforce.

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