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Posted on 6 February 2004 in Internet (No comments)

For some time I've been cursing web users. Specifically those web users who want to contact Tyne Tees Television.

For instead of going to the Tyne Tees website, they come to the totally unofficial Tyne Tees Logo Page as run by me.

They don't even look at the content. They just hit the email button and send me some gibberish for the newsroom about how they're sitting in a bath of baked beans this Sunday and can I send along a film crew?

Okay okay okay. No one has ever done that particular one, but it's always something.

So other the years I've tried everything. Subtle disclaimers, big highlighted text at the top of the page, warning notes and more... And still it came.

With the recent redesign I did some changes and thought I may have cracked it.

I put in an interstitial. So every time you go to the email form, you get this:

To help us in responding, what is your email about?

  • A comment/question about something you saw on North East Tonight in the last week or two?
  • Getting hold of a copy of a programme you starred in?
  • Something else.

I thought it might work. No longer do you get a text box straight away - you have to earn it. You actually have to read the text on the page before you can proceed. It should work.

And you know what?

Since uploading I've had more mail I shouldn't have had, than I did in the whole of January. And yes, it is working properly.

For more Stupid emails sent to the Bods Family of websites, nicely ridiculed, see Letters to the Editor

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