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Posted on 25 February 2004 in Beer, Planet Bods, Pubs (No comments)

I've created a new section called Mild In London.

I love Mild ale, but it's very difficult to find in London. There are pubs that sell it, but so far I've found no list of pubs that do. As such I thought it was about time to set one up.

If you don't know what Mild is - it's a type of beer and whilst the name might suggest otherwise, a good mild is full of taste and flavour. If you want to know more, the Campaign for Real Ale explains all better than I can.

So what is 'Mild In London Pubs? It's a collection of reviews and comments on pubs which sell Mild in London, either regularly or occasionally. All the reviews appear in other categories, but this is just a single point of call.

You can access this section at any time at and if you have any recommendations or suggestions, drop me an email.

Update 17 October 2004 - Mild in London has now been moved out of the blog, into its own section - same URL

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