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Posted on 2 April 2004 in BBC, Work (No comments)

The news that Michael Grade will be the next chairman of the BBC was (as has been reported by the media) welcomed by most of the staff at the BBC. He's a well known, well respected person with a long history of fighting for what he believes in, which many people (no doubt) feel is what the BBC needs at this time.

But for me, there is one very important and significant thing about his appointment - one that isn't even work related. Michael is the only BBC chairman I can think of with significant experience of working in the media.

Far too often BBC chairman roles have been political appointments, grandees of industry or daft duffers past retirement age. For once it seems the organisation has been given someone with knowledge and experience in the field it works in. Which at this time of change and a need to ensure the organisation stays alive and relevant in the digital era, will be very useful.

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