Wibbley Wobbley Time Travel

Posted on 2 April 2004 in Radio (No comments)

Get the wibbley wobbley time travel effects on standby - I've dug out (for no other reason than I can) a bit of history. Yep it's my very first post on a newsgroup. Good old usenet eh?

The group was uk.media.radio.radcliffe and my very first post, back in the heavy days of January 1997, was about the three second memory span goldfish.

A comedy feature from the old Graveyard Shift show on Radio 1, no one seems to remember a quality bunch of sketches featuring two goldfish in a bowl with a gallion. Google brings back just one result - a remnant of the sadly lost markradcliffe.co.uk site, which explains that the feature (known as Little and Large) was:

The adventures of 2 goldfish, Little who is quite small and Large who is largish, being goldfish they only have a 3 second memory.. er The adventures of 2 goldfish, Little who is...

markradcliffe.co.uk: The Graveyard Shift

Ho hum. I remember at least.

Update (31 Decemeber 2005) - 'Scrawn and Lard - The Unofficial Mark Radcliffe and Lard Site', formerly resident at markradcliffe.co.uk, is now back online at a new domain of scrawnandlard.co.uk.

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