RSS Reassurance!

Posted on 3 April 2004 in Planet Bods (No comments)

Incidentally just because I have become very sceptical about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and done my latest feed in Atom, doesn't mean the existing RSS 2.0 and RSS 0.91 feeds are going anywhere. Whilst the validator doesn't like them, still does! The files will be staying put.

One thing I have done is rejigg them - you can now find the RSS 2.0 feed at and the RSS 0.91 feed at They'll still work via the old address, but this one will be slightly more efficient on the old server!

I've also ceased to promote the RSS 0.91 feed - it gets very few users in contrast to the RSS2.0 feed, and does exactly the same thing. I'll still be publishing it out with every update so if you're one of the few people who use it, don't worry! It will still be up to date and you can still use it.

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