Tell me why, I don't like Mondays...

Posted on 19 April 2004 in House (No comments)

Yesterday was cold and wet and spent rushing around London trying to spot Catherine's dad who was doing the London Marathon. I was already full of a cold so to be honest, it was probably not the best way to recover and meant this morning I was in less than good form.

And then it went even more downhill. After a good start to the day with a reasonable meeting, I found out that the person at the top of our property chain had decided things were going too slow and was about to pull out.

None of this was helped by people not phoning me on the correct phone number, others being on holiday and the voicemail on my mobile not being checked properly. As such, info I should have had a week ago didn't get to me until this morning. We needed things to seriously move by Wednesday to stop the calamity.

After several emails and phone calls, our solicitors have promised to get us the contracts to us by noon on Wednesday so that we can do a rush turnaround and get it back to them on Thursday. The estate agent thinks this will be enough for the person at the top of the chain (who is selling the property to the people we're buying off) - although given that person is dealing with another estate agent, well who knows. I'm just hoping, dearly hoping that it will be enough.

The irony is that we were very close to getting the contract to sign as it was - it would have been a few days later, and a lot more relaxed.

Obviously that wasn't enough for the builder at the top of our very small chain. As such I've spent several frantic and stressful hours at work trying to co-ordinate things and install a sense of urgency in everything, whilst also trying to get through some heavy stuff for work AND whilst battling off this bloomin' cold.

Which is why this evening I came back home and shoved myself in front of the TV for a bit with a pizza. What a day...

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