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Posted on 2 June 2004 in House (No comments)

Friday is moving day and slowly but surely the flat is being filled into boxes. Big boxes, little boxes, medium sized boxes. Green boxes. White boxes. Etc etc.

It's rather depressing to see your life condensed into boxes.

For anyone moving house themselves, here's some box suggestions.

Archive boxes (available from stationers) are perfect for DVDs - you can fill them up very neatly and very full.

For CDs I recommend those big boxes that offices get reams of A4 paper delivered in - there's usually about five packs of paper in them and in offices with a high number of people printing or photocopying will have loads. Unfortunately BBC New Media isn't one of those places so my scavenge today brought just three, but Catherine faired a hell of a lot better and seems to work in some kind of box heaven judging by how many she brought back over the last few days.

Big boxes are... bad. They get too much stuff in them and they just get very heavy. Unless someone else is doing the shunting work for you (hello removal men) avoid!

Little boxes are much much better - especially for books, DVDs and CDs. Yes you need more but if you're moving everything yourself, they make life much easier and are less likely to put your back out.

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