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Posted on 11 June 2004 in Internet, Web Development (No comments)

I have memories of Paul sitting at his desk in a lunch hour, scouring his server logs trying to find out where a surge of hits to his website had come from.

Funnily enough, I've rarely had a similar problem with this site - I barely say anything that interests me, yet alone catch the attention of the Blogosphere in general!

Which is why I was surprised to see the site hits go up 7000 last month, a large number of people hitting my post about my recent RSS changes, and a 1000 referrals from Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Mark site, which confused the hell out of me especially as I spent about two hours trying to find out where it had come from.

If you don't want to read the original post, it's was all about how my RSS feed had suddenly stopped validating with the RSS Validator hosted by, and I was getting cynical and suspicious and other things of that ilk. Wasn't the only one as the rant ended up in Mark's B-links under the heading:

vendor abuses privileged position to display bogus error messages to his competitors. customers. no, it isn't microsoft

Thankfully I wasn't the only person to have problems with the validator as whilst trying to find out what had been going I stumbled across another blogger in a similar boat back in May.

The problem got fixed back in May - Andrew Grumet who is involved with the validator in question got in touch to find out if I knew round about when the problems started (which my a sheer fluke of my email organisation, I did) and the problem was fixed early May which I intended to mention at the time, but completely forgot about as is usually my habit. Never did find out what the problem was (cue cynical comments) but then maybe that's because I didn't ask (cease cynical comments)

Either way I did unsubscribe from the RSS validation by email some time ago and can't find the URL to resubscribe.

Despite cynicism about that particular validator, I did like the validation by email option it offered - it was very useful and it would be fantastic if more validators offered similar options.

And it was also nice to be part of the Blogosphere. Even if it was just for a day or two...

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