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Posted on 13 June 2004 in House (No comments)

Earlier today was a trip to B &Q to buy some bits and bats, including a new bin and a towel rail. Exciting eh?

Of course if you get a towel rail you need a matching loo roll holder so we got one of them to replace the existing one. And then it was out with the drill. There's something great about drills. It just feels so great to be drilling things. If you've never done it, try it. Go on. Put some shelves up or something.

On the plus side, perhaps avoid excessive phone wires. I am quite frankly astounded by the number of phone wires in this house. When we moved in I spotted the ISDN box sat in the front bedroom - that can go I thought.

Then we tried to get the phone sockets upstairs working - dead as a dodo.

So I checked the main box downstairs - not a single connection between that and the two upstairs phone boxes. Hmm. Well.

We checked with the previous owners who told us that they didn't have a clue either. Apparently the previous owner before them liked his home wiring. They could never make head nor tale of it, even calling out a BT engineer to take a look who, by all accounts, spent a while trying to work it out before giving up and disowning it.

So tonight I thought, sod it. The ISDN box and a dead phone socket next to it are now in the bin. As we sort out the room, I'll pull the wires out as much as possible and hide anything else. It's leaving a few marks where the wires have been painted over and a few holes in the plasterboard, but that can be lived with.

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