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Posted on 19 July 2004 in Internet (No comments)

Something Martin blogged about recently has been in my mind this evening.

I'd like to see more of us feel able to start mingling online with our audience like this, but I think it is the risk of these kinds of very personal attack that deters BBC staff from contributing to our own messageboards more.

Funnily enough, I contribute to some of the BBC's message boards 'undercover', and contribute to other internet communities under pseudonyms, never showing who my employer is.

There is one community where my employer is known. It's a mailing list for people with an interest in broadcasting presentation.

Indeed I've been there a long time - far longer that I have worked for the BBC. But believe me, if I was joining now, there's no way I would ever let who I work for slip out into the open. No way on this earth. Because then, a personal opinion can truly be a personal opinion.

But if they know... And you happen to have the 'wrong' opinion, and an opinion that just happens to be the same as a BBC management decision... Well... It's just not worth some of the shit you get.

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