Fancy A Brew our kid?

Posted on 25 July 2004 in Radio (No comments)

At the end of March 2004 the nation mourned as Mark and Lard left the airwaves of Radio 1.

It was the end of an era and was very sad. And annoying. Not least as it meant that Fancy A Brew - the Mark and Lard section of Planet Bods, was now completely doomed. The old site had been a big long pointless joke about how Marc 'Lard' Riley was the real genius and Mark 'Scrawn' Radcliffe was actually the sidekick.

No it wasn't very funny. It was also impossible to carry on if the pair weren't working together - the joke just wasn't funny. Honest.

So after much thought the old site had to go...

Fancy A Brew logo make way for a brand new Fancy A Brew - proper biographies and a page for each of the programmes they've been involved with.

At last, a website which might just justify the high number of hits I get.

Radio World logo

Plus I'm pretty bloomin' happy with the design. I really like the new logo. And it rather spurred me on to do some more design work - the radio set that's featured in the banner of Radio World (shown above) was also drawn by me and looks pretty funky I think - especially with the rather 1920s feel of the font. Probably all over the place historically - someone will no doubt tell me the font is evocative of a different era to the one that the radio is from, but never mind - it just looks nice, okay?

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