Glasgow Subway (again)

Posted on 6 September 2004 in Transport, Travel and Holidays (1 comment)

My curiosity often gets the better of me, hence after writing about the Glasgow Subway, I had to find out more about it and its past.

Firstly by all accounts, the giant U was the logo that came before the current one - indeed the system has only been called the SPT Subway since 2003 so only one remnant of the old logo (that I saw anyway) was pretty good from a branding perspective.

The other thing that interested me was a thread on Hidden Glasgow pointed out to me by Robert Brown on the MHP Transport mailing list.

The thread in question has lots of pictures from the dying days of the old Underground system prior to it being shut up for modernisation in May 1977.

The one striking thing about the pictures shown are that actually, by comparison, the system looks a lot better now. And that takes a lot to say. Everything about the pictures not only shows a system in decay, but a system which probably didn't look very fancy when it was first built!

It's also noticeable how much Glasgow has changed since the Subway was built - much of the stations look like the serve deserted areas.

Indeed this is true now. We visited the Museum of Education (I will come onto tourist stuff in another post) which is near Shield's Road station - bar the motorway and the old Scotland Street School (which the museum is based in), Shield's Road station seems to be nothing more than an excuse for a park and ride scheme.

Of course it didn't used to be like that, but much of the areas the subway serverd were demolished and redeveloped as people moved into the suburbs.

In most towns that development would have seen the end of a few bus routes, or a few tram lines long pulled up - in Glasgow the remnants included a circular underground railway system.

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james donaghay said:

i worked in the old subway and still work there

Posted on 30 June 2008 at 8:57 PM

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