House Owning: The Good And The Bad #1

Posted on 7 September 2004 in House (No comments)

The Good

Don't like that paint scheme decided upon in 1970 by your landlady when she was obviously on some bad taste 'moment'? Ah, no longer applies. Just reach for your paint brushes and go.

The front bedroom and myself are finally getting some kind of closure after the paint job I started last week. Well to be fair, I have been sanding and removing carpet for weeks but I only started painting last Wednesday.

And now I'm putting the finishing touches in. The rather dominating lavender colour has now done, replaced by a soothing, relaxing blue from Crown called 'Moonlight Bay'. Will look even better when we put something new on the floor and put the bed in it. Oh and some nice shelves and things. Ah yes.

The Bad

Well bar paying for the paint and things (there's no wallpaper - just plaster walls) and that doesn't cost that much... No far worse...

Before we bought, the house survey highlighted the roof as particular concern. The underfelt is sagging and loose. If it needs re-roofing, its going to easily cost us £5,000. Probably more.

That's the downside to owning your own home. Suddenly all these things appear out of nowhere...

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