Not Open House (for me anyway)

Posted on 13 September 2004 in London, Transport (No comments)

Every year the London Open House weekend allows access to various buildings and places the public don't normally see. The BBC usually let people into the (rather grand and nice) main entrance way of Bush House for example, whilst Transport for London usually let people round their offices at St. James's Park.

It seems this year TfL are doing something a little different. Unfortunately I only found out on Sunday that this year included a tour of the Kingsway Tram Underpass which I would have loved to have seen, but according to the website, it's fully booked which is a real shame.

The whole thing is so tantalisingly close to work and has been hidden away since 1951. But I guess I'll just have to make do with the pictures from Hywel William's visit of the underpass from his excellent website about disused tube stations.

Apparently there was an art exhibition in it earlier this year. Now that I would like to have seen. One day... One day...

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