Chicken Soup

Posted on 29 September 2004 in Life (No comments)

The problem with autumn is that the illnesses begin to arrive. Normally I escape them - I don't get ill very often and I rarely take sick leave - but not this time as I'm bunged up with a sore throat and having a great time feeling woozy at work whilst trying to prepare properly for a pretty horrendous (horrendous in the complexity of the thing) and look after two other ones at the same time.

Chicken soup does help though. I'm a big believer in chicken soup (and I'm not even a Jewish mother - oooh, raging stereotype alert!). There's just something about chicken soup that normally works... and true to the word, I did perk up a bit after having some.

They should put it on drips in hospitals... That would sort the NHS's problems out.

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