Flashmob - The Opera

Posted on 6 October 2004 in Music, TV Programmes, Television (No comments)

Okay I'll be honest. When it comes to opera... well. And as for flashmobbing... well the phrase 'new media wanker' is what usually springs to mind (and I hasten to add that being a new media wannabe, flashmobbing is supposed to be the thing that's right up my street!)

So you can perhaps see why something called 'Flashmob - The Opera', well... might not really work in my mind...

But in practise (and ignoring the rather gimicy, bandwagon jumping aspect of flashmobbing - which thankfully played only a small, but in many ways important part of the programme...) Accessible opera, performed live, from a railway station... on BBC Three?

Well my regret is that I joined about 15 minutes into the performance.

I'm sure most of the opera purists hated it. But for me, I was sucked in - even if some of the background story was about football.

And for me, it asked one simple question. What other TV company in the UK would perform a live opera in an accessible format, live from Paddington Station?

Okay it was on BBC Three - not exactly the worlds most popular station in the world. But would its competitors have done something like this? Would Sky One or E4 even have been able to do this even if they had wanted to?

Would ITV have even dared?

This for me sums up why the BBC exists - why the BBC is a fantastic, valuable, wonderful asset to this country. Because no one else would do something like this. And that is why I 100% support the license fee. My only wish more of the BBC's output could be as innovative and inventive as this. And especially... that more of BBC Three's output could be like this.

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