Going Postal In London

Posted on 19 November 2004 in Life (No comments)

There's something I have to ask. Why is it that postmen in London just leave stuff on your doorstep? This has never happened to me outside London - but at every flat or house I have lived at, parcels and packets have been left on the doorstep. In one instance, £100 worth of an Amazon order was left outside my flat all day until I returned home.

Yesterday I found £30 worth of a delivery completely sodden as it had been left on my doorstep. Had it contained books, they would have been ruined. Thankfully it contained CDs and they were alright, but even so, that was £30 of stuff left on my doorstep, where anyone could have taken it, or in this case, have got completely soaked.

Back in Manchester I know a few ex-postman and all of them were shocked that this goes on. But then have I ever complained? Well not until today... Today it got put in writing and will be posted when I next go past the post box.

And you know the really annoying thing? Most of the parcels left outside my front door actually fit through the letterbox...

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