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Posted on 29 November 2004 in Internet (No comments)

Couple of months ago, I finally went broadband through Consigning the old 56k modem to the never regions of my redundant computer equipment box was a happy moment.

I was finally persuaded to go broadband by the falling costs of connections. I was paying £9.99 for an evenings/weekends package with on the old modem, and for five pounds more, I was able to move to a 1mb connection with

One of the reasons I went with (besides the fact they give you CGI access, 250Mb of webspace and more, and seemed to have plenty of satisfied customers) was because I didn't want a capped service. Capped seems wrong to me - I hated the idea that mid-way through the month, I'd go through my cap and bamm, that was it. No internet for a fortnight. No thanks.

So suited me fine - you can have a set bandwidth allowance and if you go over, you pay a bit more on a sliding scale, which seemed sensible to me.

£14.99 paid for a 1Gb bandwidth allowance, which I took out, and decided to see how it all went. Their members site has a very useful little section where they tell you how much they've used.

Couple of months down the line, we haven't even come close to reaching that 1Gb limit. Indeed for the last 31 days, we've managed to use only 0.64Gb. Mind you, this was double what we used the first month where we came in at an amazing 0.31Gb.

It's interesting as well to note that the way Catherine and myself use the net connection hasn't really changed either - we're still doing pretty much what we used to do on the old modem, just faster. We might look at more stuff, but we don't appear to spend any more time on the PCs than we used to.

For some people, broadband changes your life - audio, video, games at your fingertips. For others, it's just doing what you've always done. Just faster.

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