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Posted on 7 December 2004 in BBC, Work (No comments)

Oh course you can never say never. Who knows what the future may hold - especially in five years time. But there are times you have to think about that future. And right now, it doesn't matter what the BBC says or does. I don't want to go back to Manchester.

I have nothing against Manchester at all - I grew up there after all. I know the benefits and the drawbacks.

And hey London isn't that great. It's busy, smelly, noisy and expensive. But there's some good stuff here, and I'm enjoying myself. I like being able to get around without a car. I like the culture that is here. The options, the night-life and so on.

Of course there are other factors - Catherine moved from Manchester to London for work reasons - the roles she works in are mostly in London. And of course we both have friends down here, a nice house - our life is here, and we're happy.

I don't want to leave the BBC if I didn't have to. It's a fantastic organisation, with fantastic people. But there are always other jobs. And ultimately working for the Beeb - well it's a job, nothing more.

Okay, I love my job, but I don't love it enough to relocate back up north without good reason. And right now I don't have that reason. There may well be about to be a major broadcasting revolution in Manchester. But I doubt I will be part of it.

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