Entries from January 2005

Political Meanderings

Posted on 31 January 2005 in Politics and Government (No comments yet - be the first!)

You’re bored, you’re fed up. So what to do? Well take a trawl round TheyWorkForYou.com and see what you can find out about your MP.


Posted on 24 January 2005 in Computers (No comments yet - be the first!)

My PC’s been getting a little slow in it’s old age so I thought I’d treble its RAM to 384Mb. I’ve never used Crucial before, but they are often raved about, so thought I’d give them ago. And it was a very pleasing experience.

Bods Central v3 and Conditional Comments

Posted on 22 January 2005 in Planet Bods, Web Development (No comments yet - be the first!)

Well here it is, Bods Central v3.0. It’s only really a re-skin of the content but the old design had been in use since November 2002, and I’ve been itching for a change for a while.

The Oh Bollocks Moment

Posted on 13 January 2005 in Work (2 comments)

It’s depressingly predictable I know, but there comes a point in every project where you get the "Oh… bollocks!" moment. The moment where you look at it and some blindingly obvious problem that only a simpleton would have missed, rears its ugly head.

Work and blogging

Posted on 12 January 2005 in BBC, Internet, Work (No comments yet - be the first!)

On the day that we found out about the first UK blogger to be sacked by his employer (well that we know about anyway) it’s fittingly appropiate that the hot topic on part of the BBC’s internal message boards was guidelines for BBC staff who blog about work stuff.

Just Another Drone

Posted on 10 January 2005 in Life, Work (No comments yet - be the first!)

In a few weeks time I will sadly no longer be making the trog to work up to the delightful Bush House. For us in New Media, this delightful location in the heart of London’s west end will just be a distant memory, for we’re moving to the less glamorous White City.

File Under Pointless Reminiscing

Posted on 5 January 2005 in Computers (No comments yet - be the first!)

Had to use a floppy disk this evening.

Sea Of Cables

Posted on 4 January 2005 in House (No comments yet - be the first!)

In the back bedroom where I am sat, there are 12 items which require a plug socket. Eight of them are PCs or PC equipment.

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