The Oh Bollocks Moment

Posted on 13 January 2005 in Work (2 comments)

It's depressingly predictable I know, but there comes a point in every project where you get the "Oh... bollocks!" moment. The moment where you look at it and some blindingly obvious problem that only a simpleton would have missed, rears its ugly head.

It happened today. And as is the tradition of this kind of thing, it happened right at the last minute causing huge panic and worry. Yep. a couple of days before it goes off to be tested by our lovely Quality Assurance team, and we hit a biggy.

And even better - one slightly vague line of the spec was the cause of the problem. And who wrote the spec? Ah... right....

Thankfully a fix (after I'd dared go and show my face downstairs near the tech team lest I got mauled) was relatively easy and actually gives us something that I think is more logical than what we would have done if I hadn't written one paragraph in a way that could be mis-interpreted.

Which just goes to show that sometimes, mistakes by producers can actually be useful! Although I'm not sure how many other people would agree with me when I say it...

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Pete Ellarby said:

My middle son was about to play their last leage football match away at the bottom club. A win would gurantee them the leage title. Every one was there, mums, dads, friends and strangers. In fact the best turn out all season..........

You've guesed it,,,,, we lost


Posted on 25 June 2009 at 10:10 PM

gi said:


Posted on 16 July 2009 at 5:37 AM

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