Electrical Borgness

Posted on 3 February 2005 in Work (No comments)

I keep feeling I should take a picture of my desk at work for prosperity. I think it's becoming a piece of art. Perhaps it's the way that it's filling up with an ever increasing plethora of set top boxes - there are now four crowding round the small, silver TV. One satellite, two Freeview (one Spanish) and my latest addition, a lovely Telewest box.

And of course a myriad of wires... Oh the wires! Satellite feed wires going to the satellite box, goodness knows how many SCART cables, SCART switchers and an incomprehensible mess of RF cables which pass the feed of analogue TV, digital terrestrial TV and even a dummy cable feed, from box to box. Yes. Even to the satellite box - useful because Sky boxes tend to have two RF outputs so you can split your signal off to... well a cable box and a Freeview box.

Don't even ask about the remote controls...

I think the removal teams are going to have fun with that lot in a few weeks time.

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