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Posted on 11 February 2005 in BBC, Internet (No comments)

One thing has to be said - the internet can be a very powerful tool for finding information. But you've got to exploit the medium - make the most of it.

The BBC until recently has been a bit, well... traditional in its approach to the web, but times are changing and in a few weeks or so, something really big is going to happen... Oh yes... But you'll have to wait for that one...

But also quite large has been the arrival of two more websites from the organisation dealing with complaints.

Okay so Newswatch and the BBC Complaints really came out of that pesky Gilligain/Kelly/Iraq thing, but for the first time the BBC is publishing its responses to the issues.

They've been around for a few weeks, so why am I mentioning them now? Well because of what I posted yesterday complaining about the coverage of the Royal Wedding because there's now an official statement on the coverage from the Complaints website, whilst Newswatch looks at the issue in detail with some viewer opinions.

Why is this good? Well for starters the official statement is the sort of thing that would, previously, have only been sent out to people when they contacted the BBC direct, or when someone contacted the press office. Now it's there for the whole world to see - I can happily link to it, and as Martin says, so can the message board hosts. And Newswatch (also a TV programme on BBC News 24) puts the readers side.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't quite change anything in this case - after all the decision was made and it wasn't reversed - but at least the BBC is openly explaining the reasons, and giving viewers/readers/listeners a chance to easily comment on them, which as a publicly funded broadcaster through your license fee, has to be warmly welcomed.

Incidentally, if you're so interested in what the BBC has to say on things that you want the complaints site in an RSS feed, well there isn't an official one (yet), but Martin's got one available from his website.

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