Glass Breaking

Posted on 20 February 2005 in House (No comments)

Can there be anything more frustrating than coming home from Ikea, arms laden with £100 of stuff, struggling onto the tram with it all, struggling back from the tram stop, getting it in the house and putting it all down...

Then getting your new, large, picture frame, and immediately managing to crack the glass before you've even got the picture on the wall?

Okay there are far more annoying things. Probably. And the picture frame did only cost £12 but it's still annoying to have spent half an hour getting it home and then to break it instantly.

Well I say spent half an hour home - actually it was Catherine who struggled home with it. I spent the journey carrying a large mirror instead.

Trips to Ikea are one of the few times when owning a car would be a useful thing. But then you can't really justify buying a car on the basis of one trip to a shop every six months...

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