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Posted on 21 March 2005 in Work (No comments)

In case you're wondering - and I'm sure someone will ask if I don't mention it.

58 jobs are to go in BBC New Media - that's a whopping 19% of the staff in the department. We find out more about it tomorrow. General policy is for voluntary redundancies (pending union consultations on the issue) so no, it's unlikely that I'm about to be forced out next week!

These times are never good for the people on the coal face, but on a personal basis, it's better for me than the last time this happened in New Media two years ago. Back then I was still coding, with no real idea where I was going to end up and what I was going to do.

I had turned down the chance to board for the job of Senior Client Side Developer having decided that it would be a distraction from where I felt I wanted to go - production was where I wanted to be. But I had no idea whether I'd get there (changing disciplines is not an easy thing to do), and whether I really actually wanted to be there.

Naturally at times like that, you wonder if you're in the best place, and I did wonder whether leaving the BBC and trying to move back into the commercial world was the way to go. All I did know was that I really didn't want to be coding within the BBC for much longer. I'd run out of challenges on that front, and I needed something new. My choice to myself was either change job at the BBC or go off and get new coading challenges outside.

As it happens, I didn't leave. I managed to get a job in production and within no time had become responsible for delivering two of the biggest products in Interactive TV at the time. It all seemed to work out, but not before seeing a lot of people I knew and respected leave.

This time there is no doubt in my mind and on a personal self interest level, I can hold tight and ride out the storm. I'm in the right place, and I'm in the right job.

But 19% of the department is a lot of people and again, they will be people I know and respect.

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