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Posted on 29 March 2005 in BBC red button, Interactive TV (No comments)

Staying on a BBCi theme, some random lunchtime surfing found me on Sky Digi Online, a site covering news about Sky and associated channels and services.

There was a piece about the BBCi rebrand funnily enough (okay it was not that random a surf). Text was on a similar line to the press release, and there were various screen shots, most of which didn't exactly catch my eye.

Except one did. The top one which is rather curious. Instead of the date appears the tagline "Tuesday Night".

Curious because that was similar to part of the original plans - a strapline that would change at various points to say things like "Saturday night choice" or whatever. It got dropped for several reasons, not least finding some words that made sense for all contexts - you wouldn't want something trivial if the Pope had just popped is cloggs for example.

Which makes it rather puzzling as to how an independent website got an image with something along those lines on it? Apart from that, it's a recent version of the design - the bottom promo area has some dummy text, but there's an EastEnders Xtra link (which was something I hadn't heard of until close to launch), as are some of the colours which got tweaked very late in the day, and don't even appear in most of the screenshots made as part of the design process!

Still if nothing else, it gave me five minutes distraction from the piles of work awaiting my attention...

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