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Posted on 5 April 2005 in Planet Bods (No comments)

Things have changed a lot since 1997 when I first set up a website. Back then your homepage included every single thing you did - biogs, silly bits, indepth articles about nuclear physics...

But that was 1997, now it's 2005 and things have changed. The personal website consists mainly of a blog, biog and some other random bits. Anything of substance is run as a separate site... There's logic and order about a site, rather than just a random assortment of stuff.

The Change

Which is why over the last few days, Planet Bods has changed. The times of serious stuff about Mark and Lard, and pointless stuff involving cartoons of pipe smoking trees are other... Sort of.

The result of several months of work, the old site basically gets ripped into three chunks:

Fancy A Brew
biog and show info for Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley
The UK's Favourite DJ
biog of an underated DJ - Kevin Greening
The Shed
Cartoons, pointless writing, draft scripts and anything else vaguely pointless

Added into that mix is this very site - well it's a site I write so why not? - and Planet Hitop - a Hitop tutorial site that's pretty lost in the ether.

Why change?

So why a network of sites rather than standalone ones? Well I still wanted some link to the sites I create, even if it is very tenious. I just I couldn't bring myself to rip everything apart into something totally standalone. I'd probably have to buy a raft of new domain names if nothing else! And the network concept still allows independence from sites - Mark and Lard no longer sit next door to silly gender tests.

The designs haven't changed much - just some tinkering, and a lot of simplification on site navigation. It would have been too much to completely rip everything apart and start again, but in the future I can break out of the moulds a little and do things a little differently.

That said, I have made some design changes here and there - some of the old Planet Bods graphics had been in use since 2001 at least so there's been some freshening up and a few tweaks. Have a look round and see what you think. Oh and the new Planet Bods Network homepage - well just a bit different to my old stuff.

And adding to that, a chance to finally change URLs around after nearly seven years of haphazzard growth. Don't worry, there's plenty of redirects in there!

And a new language too

No, I haven't translated the site into Klingon, but I've done my first bit of public PHP coding on a few of the new Network pages. Why leave Hitop behind after six years of using it? Well... err... Kinda fancied a change really.

That's not to say I'm about to change all my code over just like that, but it's nice to do something different every now and then...

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