The Usability of Meeting Room Names

Posted on 9 April 2005 in Work (No comments)

Walking off to a meeting yesterday, I noticed that numbers had finally been added to our meeting rooms - previously just the name of the room was on the door which lead to much amusement a few days earlier when I was aim aimlessly wondering which room was D4 M1 before finally finding out (with the help of Wendy and a map) that what I should actually have been looking was Picasso.

The usability of meeting room names is not something that has generally attracted much attention in this world, but perhaps it should if the BBC experience is anything to go by. How can anyone do anything other than boggle at the oddness my plight a few days later when I popped to the Media Centre next door to get some feedback from the old failed job interview, only to find myself looking for room one, which was cunningly labelled 'interview room 3'...

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