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Posted on 10 April 2005 in Web Development (No comments)

I spent most of the day messing with PHP, XML and Yahoo's APIs to knock together a simple, pretty basic website search script for use on Catherine's website. It's not hugely complicated but it was all new stuff to me.

Learning more PHP, working out how to do all that PHP XML stuff and integrate it into a reasonably coherent application - it's perhaps time to reflect on how things were in 2002/3 when I might have spent all Sunday writing something else.

Back then I was doing a job that was writing code for a living, so would come home and write something else - articles for websites, content of all kinds for whoever and wherever.

Of course now I'm doing a job where I spend a large proportion of my week writing documents - which is why I seem to spend more free time writing code.

Except it's different code. It's my code now, and it's doing things I want to do. I'm slowly learning PHP not because I need it for a living, but for the challenge of trying something new - the different techniques - the chance to do things in a new way.

And of course it can be incredibly frustrating when it goes wrong as anyone would have heard today with me moaning about PHP complaining that something wasn't an array when it was (ah, but not globally Apparently).

Some people I know are doing degrees or other courses in night school. Some have to learn and do exams for their jobs. Nah, it's not for me. But there's a certain buzz from learning some new code, and getting it all right.

Well almost right anyway.

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