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It must have been 1998 when I first used HTML pre-processor Hitop, and now seven years later, I'm beginning to say goodbye.

Earlier this year it was announced that Hitop was no longer going to be in active development - not that I noticed until the other day - but it was news that whilst tinged with sadness, is not overwhelmingly unsurprising.

Over the last few years PHP has risen from nothing to almost conquering the planet, and when you have something that's almost a de facto standard, why use anything else?

Well there's a few reasons. I'm not exactly overwhelmingly impressed with PHP - it does the job but given it's supposed to have been designed to work with HTML, it doesn't exactly sit alongside it neatly and isn't exactly tidy.

Still, it has a large user base and plenty of extensibility and isn't exactly hard to use.

So it's goodbye to my Hitop tutorial site Planet Hitop, which I've updated this morning with the comment that it will be no longer updated (although it has been released under a Creative Commons license so if anyone else wants to do something with it, they can feel free). And hello to the move to PHP - yesterday my Kevin Greening site, The UK's Favourite DJ, became the first part of my sprawling web empire to make the move from Hitop to PHP.

It's the end of an era, but at least in future when people ask me how I build my site, they stand a chance to have heard of PHP...

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