Ripped Apart, For Offices

Posted on 29 May 2005 in Pubs (No comments)

I'd rather been hoping some knight in shining armour would turn up and change the King's Head from being a boarded up mess, to being a really nice pub again. Stranger things have happened. Indeed it did happen in Chiswick recently where a Young's pub was abruptly sold for shop use, then at the last minute, bought by someone else. But sadly 10 months after it was abruptly shut and boarded up, Go-Ahead have finally started tearing the place apart to make their offices.

So if you're in Colliers Wood, and walking by, spare it a though, cos behind the hoardings, one of the most historic pub interiors in South West London, is being ripped apart, all because its owner, Young's, had no vision.

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