No R and no D for me

Posted on 8 June 2005 in Work (No comments)

Every year the BBC's R&D department holds a host of open days in their lovely base in Kingswood Warren, to let people know what they get up to. And every year I get myself booked onto one of the open days.

Every year I manage to miss them. One year I was ill. Another I was on holiday. This years excuse? Well instead of going "ooooh" and "ahhhh!" at all manner of exciting technical jiggery-pokery in the heart of the Surrey countryside, I instead spent the day in the delights of urban White City.

I'd spectacularly managed to forget to put the day in my Outlook calender meaning I'd managed to get booked into various important meetings instead.

In fact I managed to spend around 75% of the day in meetings - and had the most meetings in one day, that I've had for absolutely ages, including spending all afternoon in a planning meeting about an infrastructure project.

But Tuesday was not a total loss. To break up the day of meetings, and to make up for the fact that I wasn't sunning myself and admiring Kingswood Warren's croquet lawn, we had the thrills, spills and excitement of the fire alarm going off instead.

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