Alas Poor Toric, I Knew Him Well

Posted on 16 June 2005 in Life (No comments)

Sorry, you can blame Kirk for that title, but today the toric contact lens went back. Well actually not the original - I gave up on that pretty quickly - but a second type of torric contact lens which I finally picked up on Monday.

And whilst it was more comfortable, it had an annoying tendancy to just move itself in my eye, which resulted in much hassle trying to get it back. Thank goodness I don't have a car as I dread to think what would have happened if it did that whilst I was driving.

So I'm now back on a normal type of lens, nothing special, and just hoping that everything will settle down. The perscription has been tweaked, so maybe that will make a difference cos what I don't want is those evil headaches I was having before...

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