Crossing The NTL Bridge

Posted on 16 June 2005 in BBC red button, Interactive TV (No comments)

NTL's customers in the Langley region got our new look BBCi just over a month ago. Well on BBC One and BBC Two anyway. Until yesterday when they finally got the almost full suite with all the other BBC channels now having access to BBCi when the user presses their red button. Except on BBC Parliament - technical problem or somet.

I'd like to take some credit for it, but it had little if not nothing to do with me bar sitting in a conference call at 9:30am yesterday when I would much rather have been slumping at my desk drinking coffee, so I like to think I made a valuable contribution.

If anyone's wondering, Apparently we couldn't have the other bridges before due to lack of bandwidth or somet. But the new code is lean! Mean! Bridge flying machine! So we could.

Now if we could just get the rest of NTL's customers in their Bromley region (and no, I don't know what the difference) sorted... But that's one that will just have to wait just a bit longer...

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